Best places to go for your birthday – where to go on your birthday – party place

In this blog, I will suggest you some places to go for your birthday. On every birthday we have to choose a new place to celebrate. so today I will tell you where to go on your birthday.

places to go for your birthday
places to go for your birthday

Places to go for your birthday

  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh is one of beautiful country in South Asia. Their Coxs Bazar beach is the longest beach in the world. People of Bangladesh are so friendly.


  • Srilanka: Srilanka is the most beautiful country in Asia. Their sea is so beautiful. You can spend your birthday here with satisfaction.


  • Maldives: the Maldives is favorite for their seabeach also. Its a blessing place for all.


  • New York City: New York City is one of the beautiful city in the world.  New York never sleeps. So it’s a very good place to celebrate.


  • Miami: If you love sand and sea you must go to Miami.


  • New Orleans or Nashville: Do you love live music and hang out with good people so you must go New Orleans or Nashville.

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  • Las Vegas: Vegas is known for casinos. If you have some money to enjoy just go ahead to Vegas.


  • Seattle: In Seattle, there are many things to see. You know its very popular place the USA.


  • Maui: Maui is a part of Hawaii. Its a historic place in USA land.


  • London: London is a perfect leisure place to spend your time with your loving person.


  • Paris: I think everyone knows Paris is the city of love. Just make a plan to visit Paris on your birthday.


  • Lake Tahoe: Best place for good scenery. You can enjoy it with your beloved person.


  • MAURITIUS: MAURITIUS is the best place for a birthday celebration. Just make a big budget for it.


  • MADRID: In Spain, You will forget about all worlds things.


  • New Zealand: In New Zealand, you can feel nature. I think its best gift for a birthday boy or girl.


  • Niagara Falls: Just pack your bag and start your journey to Ontario, Canada. I promise you will be satisfied here. Its amazing place to explore.

My opinion is just going your nearest Pray house and pray to god for your long life. I think Its best place to celebrate.

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