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Database Schema

The database’s overall or complete design is called database schema. The database schema is popular in modern science. So let’s start now

At the beginning of computer invention and its use, the task of creating, saving, and finding information became very important. In the first century, the famous computer scientist Charles Baumann created DBMS. He was then working in General Electric. The DBMS was named, Integrated Data Store (IDS). In the late sixties, IBM created a DBMS named Information Management System.


This software gave a sense of how to arrange the information according to classification, which is now known as Hierarchical Data Model. In the 1970s, Atskhar Cod proposed a new model to serve information. He was then working at IBM’s San Jose Laboratory. This concept is known as Relational Data Model. The most important section of the evolution of DBMS begins, since the discovery of the Internet and it’s widely used. Various types of research are going on to improve the website-based database now. The database’s overall or complete design is called database schema.


database schema

What is the database?

Database (DB Shortcut). An organized data collection computer program that can quickly select desired data, you can think
of a database as an electronic filing system.

Generally, the data is organized by field, field, record, and file; A field is single information; A set is a set of complete fieldsets and a file record. For example, a telephone book can say a list or file of a record; The name, address and telephone number of which are three fields

Database management system

To access information from a database, a database management system (DBMS) is required. This is a program set by which information can be accessed, organized, and selected from a database.

• The set of related information
• A program set to access information
• DBMS has information about a special initiative
• DBMS provides an environmentally convenient and convenient to use

Database application:

• Banking: All transactions
• Airlines: reservation, planning
• University: Registration, Grade
• Sales: Customer, Products, Shopping
• Production: production, product catalog, shopping order, supply chain
• Human resources: Employee records, salary, a tax deduction

Advantages of using:

The maximum use of the space by preventing duplication of the same information. Suppose, in a school database, there are three types of tables. In the first table, students’ test results in information. Their salary information on the second table. Third Table Their Personal Information It can be seen, on each table, the names of the students are mentioned. However, using the Database Management System, we can save the names of students only in one place, and then we can provide references to that site.

Dissolve information discrepancy. The information stored separately may have an outage or logical incompatibility. When information is stored in DBMS, any discrepancy of information can be identified. For example, the title of the picture of the same person cannot be different. It was found, by submitting the same picture or information, two different people used two different names. It is possible to detect using DBMS.

Schema Checker

At the same time, more than one user is able to work with the same information. To ensure information security. After the information is renewed, make sure that it is not deleted before saving. For example, after updating 200 data to a database, electricity can be released before it can be stored. The solution to this problem is at DBMS. DBMS keeps a list of information changes. When needed, information is retrieved through those shortlisted indexes.
Build information self-sufficiency. This means that information is not dependent on information management programs. It will be helpful to know that the information created by one DBMSA can be used in other DBMSs.Find out the information in the shortest time. Create a database or database easily and in a short time. The database’s overall or complete design is called database schema.

The Client-Server Database is a database system connected to a centralized controlling server over a network. The main database is permanently stored on the server and can be accessed on the database by including a number of different users in the computer network system, which are located far and wide. In this case, database users are called clients/terminals. In the client-server system, only one database is stored on the server which is called backend and client computers have only forms and reports that are called front end.


Data Schema


Distributed databases are centralized control servers with network-related database databases. This method may have one central server (central server) and one or more sub-servers (sub-servers) or workstations under it. There is a database on every sub server/workstation with a central server. Normally the workstations are in different remote places. In this way, each workstation is individually repairing, editing, and repairing the database, and updated or updated according to the latest status database of central database workstations stored in central servers. The server’s central database sub-servers can read, modify or refine database data. Thus, in the distributed database system, through the server’s central database, workstations are collected from the database, collecting information and controlling the workstations database and controlling them. Client-server behavior is preferred for managing the distributed database. Because workstations can have one or more clients again. The database’s overall or complete design is called database schema.

Schema Psychology

The database that can be accessed from anywhere with the convenience of the Internet can be accessed via the normal web interface is called Web-Enabled Database. In other words, the database can access, query, order, report and track interactive data on the database through the Internet and web browsers, and the records can be changed to the Web-Enabled Database.

Table creation: The database is composed of several tables related to each other. Each table is made up of several records. Records related to some of the fields related to each other are formed. So the field is the base of the database.
Before creating any table, each field in the table has to specify what field should be. What fields will be in a database, depending on the database’s purpose or database? Again, each field has to determine what kind of data will be, what data type will be.

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Data types in database table fields:


Text / Character: The main data type used in most databases is Text. Characters, numbers, symbols, etc. can be used in the text/character field. Generally, the maximum of 255 characters /digits/symbols in this field can be used singly or collectively. However, using the numbers cannot be done mathematical work on this data. The database’s overall or complete design is called database schema.

Number / Numeric: The number used to publish the field in which the mathematical data is used. Number / numeric field can be used to combine integers with integers and fractions without adding or minus sign. The mathematical operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) can be done on this field’s data. Number / numeric field can be divided into different ways, based on the data quality range. Such as:

1. Byte
2. Integer
3. Long Integer
4. Single
5. Double

dbschemajson schema

Auto Number: This is a numerical / number data type. This series is used in national or continuous data fields. The advantage of the data type is that it does not have data entry. Automatically data entry is.

Logical Data (Yes / No): Yes / No is used to publish data type for the correct field. The values ​​of a field can be stored in two fields of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in this field. This field requires 1-byte space in memory.

Date and time: This field is used for date or time. This field is used for the date and time of 100 to 9999 years. This field requires 8 bytes of space in memory. Date and time can be in different formats.

Memo: Memo is used as a supplement to Text. This field is usually used for descriptive text or description. The capacity of this field depends on the capacity of the computer disk. Generally, 65,536 characters can be written in this field. Normally, the data type is used in Remark, Address field.

Currency: $ is used to input coins or money. The only currency or money related data entry is to select the currency type. Completion of mathematical operations on this field’s data. This field requires 8 bytes of space in memory.

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