I m feeling curious – I am very curious – but why? – here is your answer

Are you feeling curious and searching why I m feeling curious. Here is your answer to why I m feeling curious. So let’s start

I m feeling curious
I m feeling curious

I m feeling curious

People are weird creatures everything he wants to keep them under control. They have been able to bring them from the wild tiger to a huge deity elephant because they want to know everything. Their strange nature is that they are the best because they are the best.

Every time everyday human wants to know why is that happening here and how. For this curiosity now human goes to the moon. That the reason why I m feeling curious.

I m feeling curious every human saying in their mind. Because humans are made for curiosity. You know God made us for his curiosity.

Most of the people in the world who are successful they all are feeling curious. Every person in the world feels curious.

I will explain to you by some example

Like bill gates who is the founder of Microsoft. He feels curious about programming that’s why he tries to figure out how to make the future better by programming. The result is you. Everyone talks to other countries people easily. Nowadays everything that needs we can do by programmed machine. You can communicate with your beloved person from another country easily.  Anybody use air cooler when you feel hot in just one click. I think he must be feeling every time why I m feeling curious.

I m feeling curious

Most of the people think feeling curious is a bad thing. But you have to understand that you are here because of curiosity.

Most of the people curious about their existence. It’s a disease. Its mental diseases. They think they are not in the world. Most of the time they ask people why I am here.

Since the Creator sent man to the world by conscience, since then people try to make their limitations in the knowledge of their intellect day by day, people have enough time and talent to think, to lay down man’s ability to use the intellect, lie down, sit in solitude, Or some philosophical thoughts cause energy to arise, and every thought is a question, the biggest one It is said that people prefer to ask questions because people can raise their consciousness energy by asking questions.

I am feeling curious

Most people will not like to ask questions! The children ask questions very spontaneously and they enjoy it quite a bit. They never feel why I m feeling curious.  Basically, people prefer to ask questions for two reasons, 1. Perhaps she does not know really, she expresses her desire to ask questions. 2. To answer the truth, verify that knowledge by asking questions. The question is very simple, but every answer to the same question is fundamental because there is no new fundamentalism in every answer.

There are many things to answer as there are questions. Without question, it would have been difficult for them to get the solution. If you do not have questions you will learn.  It is not that you have gone to the Mahaguru so you do not need to ask anyone else anymore. To know, one must ask someone some questions. The question arises to make sense of knowing or strengthening your own knowledge.

I am feeling curious

Some people ask the question because they don’t like to answer. Moreover, we all prefer to be a teacher rather than a student because it is more fun to test than to be examined so we are more interested in asking than the answer.

The human brain struggles to find answers to countless questions. It is called feeling curious, which leads to thinking and asking questions. Children have more curiosity to ask questions than adults. Children want to know why and how their world and worldly things are in new ways. On the other hand, adults find answers to their questions themselves, but the brain works equally.

I find some reason why people feeling curious

So the question is why I m feeling curious? I figure out some reasons why you feel why I m feeling curious.

  1. Most of us are in the race to keep themselves updated, which is a sign of progress. Going into the depth of any concept prepares us to ask questions about something special. It is said that it is better not to have any knowledge than shallow knowledge. Half the knowledge is always dangerous. Therefore, a wise person will always ask questions to know more and to gain knowledge.
  1. Sometimes questions are not related to acquiring knowledge but rather to test somebody’s capacity. It is more common for those who have a problem of ego, they will try to fully test and try to know you and your knowledge, they will ask hundreds of questions.
  1. You must have heard this saying, “Examine any person with the questions asked, not on the basis of the answer given by him”. Most people ask questions to influence others’ opinions. They can continuously showcase one question after another. The question will make you doubt your own concepts.
  1. Sometimes people ask the question for nothing. Some people don’t know why they ask so many questions. It’s a bad habit. It irritates other people.
  1. Some people ask the question because they don’t like to answer the question. Before someone asks you a question you ask them is the formula.
  1. Sometimes people are curious because they want to solve some problem. That’s good.
  1. More than 30% of people ask the question to judge other people. Most of the time they are not able to know people by the question but they never give up.

Be curious

I want to suggest you one thing that every time be curious. Because when you get curious you have the energy to find the answer. This energy is very important to get success in life. So never left your place in the world and be curious. No one will find a path for your life. You have to find your own path. For this reason, you have been curious every moment. Most of the people who touch the success milestone they all are super curious. You have to be one of them.


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