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how to get free food – free food today – where to get free food

how to get free food
how to get free food


Food is essential for all. But some unlucky people didn’t get proper food. So today we discuss how to get free food and where to get free meals.

How to get free food

Some people are so unlucky, they haven’t any money for food. In India, there is some temple like Sikh temple or Darga they provide meals for all people. Many Hindus temples also provide complementary foods. In every religion feed, hungry people are a very good thing.

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In Europe and America, some NGO or charity feed people without getting any economic value. In Europe and America, they are a rich country. They don’t know how many people in poor countries like Africans and Asians country are struggling for some foods. Most of the mothers give birth of their unhealthy baby for the lake of foods.


In Syria, a huge number of children have died for food. Most of the African country like Congo their children and women are dying for food. In these situations getting food without money is impossible words. But some NGO and Religion people helping those people who are hungry. United Nations spending a lot amount of money for hungry people. They are creating some campaign for foodless people but these are not enough. You know poor country Govt are corrupted that’s why they are poor. So the money sends by UN their Govt take the all money for their personal use. So poor people are getting poor and rich are getting rich in a poor country.

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To solve this worst problem we need to be honest in choosing a Govt in a poor country. Who will work for people not for personal issues.


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