I love jewelry – love for jewelry shop – love necklace – handmade jewelry

Every woman said I love jewelry. Their affection for jewelry shop only. They like pearl jewelry, gold jewelry, handmade jewelry etc.


i love jewelry
I love jewelry

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I love jewelry why women say that?

Every woman in the world affection jewelry. From ancient to now they just love it. You know if you ask them to choose jewelry or her husband she will choose jewelry. Most of the woman used to save their pocket money to buy a piece of jewelry.

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Most of the boys want to impress a girl they used to gift jewelry to impress her. In just an example can you imagine how much value have jewelry to women. People in South Asia used jewelry to get a woman. They depend on gold jewelry only. In Asia Diamond or others, jewelry is very costly so they just used gold very much.

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In Europe or America, they are not touchy in jewelry. They didn’t use any heavy or big jewelry. They think its taboo to used big and heavy jewelry to use. Famous celebrity used to jewelry also. Their jewelry level is one level up. Some of the female celebrity is so desperate that they can lose their all thing for one jewelry.


The jewelry design is very important. Most of the people buy jewelry for their design. Jewelry designer profession is very popular now. More than 2.3% of the student interested in jewelry designing course. Most of university opening jewelry design course for public demand. There is a bright future for a jewelry designer. I personally know 2 jewelry designer. They now earn a lot of money from their clients.


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