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The world’s most expensive mango miyazaki – Japanese expensive mango

miyazaki mango
Miyazaki mango

Miyazaki mango

The price before the name of the price: every single piece of the american price is about 70 dollars or 6 thousand takas.

The name of the mango: Miyazaki mango which is known as red mango in the world market.
It is a Japanese mango which is now producing its commercial in Noal Farm.
The average weight of the mango is around 700 grams and the price is about 70 dollars. As per this, every 10 grams of America are priced like 1 pulp.
According to those who have eaten mango, the taste of mango is about 15 times more than the other mango.

But the interesting fact is that the price of mango is so high because of the cultivation method.

★ Amazing farming practices of mango:

1. A lot of soil is used for a tree (like tub)
2. The entire gardens are covered with transparent sheds or offsides.
3. The remaining mangoes are pruned with just one ml of one meal.
4. When mango matures, each mango is tied with the upper shelf and
Hanging gently in a net bag.
5. When the mango is naturally alone, it falls into the net bag hanging on the ground without being left on the ground and it is marketed.

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If the King of fruit is mango, then the king of Amara may continue to look for. Now, really, the king of Amara was found. Considering the price, if a pair of mango prices can be worth 2 lakh 31 thousand rupees, then this mango stock should not have an objection to the king. This rare amphora is mixed in Japan. If you buy a pair of mango there you will have to spend a thousand dollars. Although the price of this ammo is unbelievable in the auction, a pair of mangoes recently sold in Japan for three thousand dollars.

The seller is very much sold at this price because the seller is very much sold. In Japan, the price of fruit is very high. With the addition of delicious mango, the price will be a little bit more to say. Quoted from Kyodo, Japan, it is known that ‘Tyo no Tamago’, which Japanese said was the egg of the sun. This brand was brought to Fukuoka’s department store by plane from the southern Miyazaki of the two countries. The mangoes are sold there by arranging the auction there. The price rises too. One consumer bought two mangoes for three thousand dollars.

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