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Real news real fast – Some trick for recognize fake news

Real news real fast is the most important thing in the world. Every people want to know what is the actual real news real fast. It’s difficult to recognize real story between so many fake reports.

real news real fast
real news real fast

Real news real fast

Nowadays fake news is more powerful than real news. Because the fake report spread faster than real ones. Most bad people made this kind of fake news for extra traffics for their website. Its totally bad things for our socialism. Its hart our humanity. Most people don’t believe any news now. Because they don’t know the news he or she listening is the real report. They don’t know how to recognize real data from all the fake news. It’s very hard today. Some verified news company makes fake news now. Actually, they don’t know what is the actual report.

So now people confused about fake data and real news. So today we discuss how to recognize real news and fake news. You will clear this fact today. I think most of the report on social media un verified pages all are fake. You have to care about this kind of fact. I know some people arrested by police for sharing fake report. So its very important fact now.

Some trick to recognize fake news

Be suspicious about the headline

If the sentence is more impressive here and is careful when there are too many surprises or question marks. Even if the headline’s words are written in too many bold and some incredible claims are made, then be sure these are Fake report.

Please check the URL well

If you suspect please check the URL well. Many times, ‘Fake News’ providers have made a few changes in the URL of another site by uploading fakes. So the URL can be checked on the Internet search engine and can check whether there is any other information.

Search sources

Verify the news from an established place.

Be wary of unusual formatting

Fake spellings and strange layouts can be seen on a fake report site.

Verify photos and videos

Be cautious when watching broken images or videos. Pictures and videos will look incredible. Take a look at whether these photos and videos were used in a branded source.

Check the release date

Check the dates well. If you have not seen anywhere else, check the dates mentioned in it. See in the search engines that no one else has any report about that date. The sites of the fake report often change the date of the news.

Please verify the evidence

Please check the report source well.

Verify whether there is the same news in other places

Check out the release in the source of any other report. Do not check whether any established media has reported such a report.

The report is a comedy?

The release on the fake report site is often released by dragging humor or jokes. Check out this humor or comedy better

Some story is deliberately falsified

The best, in this case, seems to be trustworthy so share.

Real news real fast

Social media is found in numerous fake news on Facebook. Facebook is not just a fake report, but there is so many recognize that there is no consistency between them. And this situation is seen only in unknown or unspecified pages – it cannot be said. This kind of report has been reported on Facebook’s many verified pages.

Huffington Post reported in a report. Huffington Post runs a search on these fake report on Facebook. It can be seen, there are reports on various Verify pages that question Facebook’s acceptability.

Recently, the fake announcement of Facebook has influenced the presidential election.

Real news real fast

On Twitter, accurate and informative news rarely reaches out to more than a thousand people. On the other hand, one percent of the false report shares one thousand to one million people. This information was presented in a survey report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. In such a period of false report, America is teaching the students of 90 countries through the Czechology system – how to verify the data and other information. The organization is conducting this program called Report Literacy Project.

Alan C. Miller, head of the News Literacy Project, told reporters in Washington recently, “We try to teach students through a method called ‘checkology’, how to trust and share any information. This checkology is a virtual classroom where it is taught. You can say we are an antidote to false news.

Real news real fast

False report or rumor spreads to the wind. However, its source is also intense or shaky like the wind. Inexplicability, excessive emotions or ignorance, spreads online, either fake or rumored. The cyber engine, web site or social media, this report or rumors attracted the attention of digital citizens like Hamilton’s flute waller. Fake or rumor spreads mainly from the fake web site, from fake media of social media. Similarly spreading from unknown, unreliable links. So if the real or fake does not recognize, then there is a danger of being caught in fake or rumor.

How to recognize fake news

False information or rumors are always a little real. Soundtrack It is quite ashamed. So it is the safest to take a look at where this news or photo is being broadcasted. Because this data or pictures do not just confuse, bring danger. Rumor or fake report is like a bellows, where the mouthpieces contain mouthpieces. That means accepting the food means swallowing a bell pepper.

So in the online web site visitor the web site that does not have ‘s’ after HTTP at all, it is always risky. Besides, the spelling of the domain name of the main website is very important. Because the name of the spelling of the name of the fake website was created. So, with a little trouble, https://whois.icann.org/en can be sure that the website was created and when it was created.

However, the rumors spread on social media/fake data-data are more difficult. In this case, it is better to verify its source rather than get confused with the data title. In addition to verified pages on Facebook, profile pictures or natures are also important. A little intelligence can be protected from the trap of fake profiles.

Real news real fast

Images can be used for some common knowledge in real-duplicate verification. If the size of a photo is small and the resolution is less then it is more likely to fake. In fact, fake images are mostly spread in the original image by cropping, editing and mirroring the photo captions, and being duplicated. Therefore, it is necessary to know the actual date, location, and background of the film in the course of verification.

Try to understand if there is any discrepancy between the video to find fake videos like photos. Generally, it is understood from the sharpness of the shadow, reflection, light and surrounding material in the video. Connecting to the video’s environment-incompatibility of nature, the distorted ratio can be realized. In this case, we can use the tools in the Chrome browser. The link to the photo on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter will be unveiled in the InVideo keyframes window and the actual mystery will be uncovered when watching the thumbnails. Besides, we can use Amnesty International Youtube Data Viewer to ensure actual video issues


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