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Types of paper – Different Types of Paper for use – Paper quality types

Many types of paper are daily used for our needs. Today we will discuss types of paper we used daily. In this blog, you get all the information about paper

types of paper
types of paper

Types of paper

From morning to morning, when we wake up from the front of the door and clutter the book from the front of the door, we use the paper till we go to sleep. These include school books, bus tickets, paper money, office files, letters, print out everything. All of these are mainly dependent on paper. We can not even imagine that the paperless world is so much of our life. Saaun, a Chinese broker, discovered about 2,000 years ago, with old mesh and cloth pieces. Boil the ribs and trees, make frequent pieces of paper. There are different types of paper.

Types of paper art

Newspaper printing paper: Generally known as a white newspaper, it is characterized by soft and holes, has certain mechanical strength, and good absorption. It can enter the ink and fix it in a short time. Do not stick when it will not roll up. It is used to print high-speed rotary machines in newspapers, journals and ordinary. Book. The newsprint size was 51 g / m2 and the reel newsprint width 1572 mm, 1562 mm, 787 mm and 781 mm. The size of the lithographic sheet is 787 mm w1092 mm. Newsprint printing is adaptable and opaque, but a variety of shades of purity and surface polishing. When printing photos, the thick mesh should be used. After lighting the day, yellow and fragile are easy to turn, and it is not suitable for long-term storage.

Box cardboard: Also known as the Hanging Cardboard, it is cardboard used in relatively hard boxes. It is widely used for shipping books, department stores, radio, television, machine parts, and food. Base weight is 200 g / m2, 310g / m2, 420g / m2 and 530g / m2. The surface is flat and mechanically strong.

Paper quality types

Copper sheet: Also known as coated paper, it is a high-grade print paper made by a base paper cover with calcium carbonate or cauline and white paint made of a binder, and calendering after drying. Suitable for copper plate printing or offset printing, printing color or monochrome images, pictures, calendars, maps, and books, as well as packaging printing paper, to absorb its fine dryness, high polishing and gloss, and middle oil. It is divided into the single-sided coating and double sided coatings. Two types are divided into special numbers, number 1, no 2 and no3, and quantitative quantity range from 80 grams / m2 to 250 g / m. The copper paper is not required for high coating power, no powder drop and can be used for printing 60 lines/cm or more fine mesh.

Paper stock types

Offset paper: Formerly known as “Doolen Paper”, it is a book paper used by an offset press. Suitable for printing, printable or multi-colored book covers, texts, inserts, pictures, maps, posters, color labels, and various packaging items. Offset printing paper is divided into special numbers, numbers 1 and 2, and the base weight is 70 g / m2 to 150 g / m2. The pulp has high strength and printability. Offset printing is a relatively advanced book printing paper, in contrast, which has high requirements for extended proportion and surface power. Acidity and alkalinity should also be neutral or alkaline so that the paper is not affected by printing. The base weight is 40 grams/square. 80G / M22 Rice In recent years, offset printing paper and books have been successfully prepared for the low amount of offset printing newsprint and offset printing papers.

Kinds of paper

Letter paper: A paper suitable for printing of various books, stationery and magazine texts. The base weight is 52 c / m2 and 60 m2, and there are two types of web and flat paper, polishing 30 meters and opacity is not less than 88%. Letterpress printing paper is a widely used book, which is slightly smooth and has a long shelf life compared to Newsprint, but there is a possibility of hair loss and is not suitable for printable books by offset printing. This type of paper is easy to write. There are different types of paper.

Different types of paper

Grass cardboard: Also known as a yellow cardboard or horse meal paper, it is yellow cardboard for packaging. It is mainly used for lining the product packaging, carton and book cover. The base weight is 200 g / m2 to 860 g / m2. Usually used is number 8 420 grams, No. 10 530 grams, not 12 640 grams. Grass paperboards require tight quality, flat paper surface, and certain mechanical strengths and toughness.

Uses of paper

White cardboard: Also known as Manila paper, it is a white, more advanced packaging board. It is used to print children’s education-related images and trademarks of stationery, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Base weight is 200 g / m2 to 400 g / m2. Uniform thickness, no lint, no powder, strength, the break is not easy to break.

Binding cardboard: The decorative items of book box, such as white cardboards, yellow cardboard boxes, etc. are essentially used to make hardcover cover books and envelopes. Hardcover case with cardboard as a skeleton has firmness, beauty, and long-term storage facilities. There are different types of paper.

Types of paper

Corfu paper: It is a solid and water resistant packaging paper. It is brownish and widely used in yellow. It is usually used to create paper bags, envelopes, record covers, files, and sand pad. The quantitative range is 40 g / m2 to 120 g / m2. In web and flat paper, there are differences between single-sided, double-sided and striped. The main quality requirements are flexible and with strong, high push resistance, and can prevent large tensile forces and pressure without break.

Thin paper: Also known as Transparent Paper, it is a high-grade packaging and decorative paper which is transparent like glass. It is used to wrap fruits, food, shirts, cigarettes, cosmetics, and other products. Base weight 30 c / m2 Besides transparent and colorless, there are many colors such as golden, peach, and green. Cellophane non-bad, oil, and water, soft and strong, colorless, transparent and shiny. It can be protected from humidity and rust after ceiling, it will crack when it cracks slightly. Due to its large longitudinal strength, it can cause paper ropes. Waste soluble cannot be recycled.

Types of paper

Mail seal paper: It is a thin single-sided optical writing paper which weighs only 20 grams / m 22. It is basically used for seal paper for stamp-lenders and instrument characters. Now used in cosmetics, fruit and food packaging and cigarette linings. This can be used as a candy wiper after printing and waxing. That can also be used as a printing paper, copy paper or multi-page copy paper type paper and copy paper instead. Quality requirements are slim and strong, transparency is good, tension is large, and wind permeability is small.

Shiny paper: It’s a single-sided paper for writing, office and promotional slogans. It can also be used in paper boxes, package materials, printed calendars, letterheads, and shipment. That is widely used and is a commonly used tissue. This is known as the office sheet or the ice cream paper. Three types of grade, number 1 and no 2, and the base weight are 18g / m2 to 40g / m2. Quality requirements are even flat and thin, paper surface is flat, light sizing is easy to write, and has certain water resistance. The colorful shiny paper is also called slogan letter, which is used mainly for writing slogans!


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