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What makes you unique from other candidates – what makes me unique

What makes you unique is a common question now. Every people want to make themselves different from others. Today I will tell you what makes you unique.

What makes you unique

what makes you unique
what makes you unique


So the question is what makes you unique from other applicants. There’s a very good chance unique personality manner overlap with other candidates who have applied for the same role.

This is a little difficult to explain, in that we’re all unique, but, at the equal time, none of us are. In that, if we have a position, good or bad, there is someone else y’all like it.

What makes you unique today I will tell you


Do your Homework 

Do everything you have around you. You know nowadays most people didn’t do their homework. They just hire some people to do their homework.


Read uniques writer books daily 

You have to read every day at least 1 book. Its make you unique from other people. When everybody busy with social media you just prepare yourself with mans best friend book. You know now people wasting their valuable time with social media. That gives them nothing but entertainment. Unique writer mostly writes their personal experience in their books. So their books are very very important to make yourself unique.


Don’t tell a lie 

A lie destroys any unique personality. Lie destroy your uniqueness. So please avoid it every day. Lie destroy your personality. Every people have a unique personality. But when you start telling lie with everyone that’s hide your personality. Like you didn’t drink tea in the morning but if you tell everyone tea is must in my morning its hide your personality.


Don’t get lost in social media 

Social media destroy your unique personality. You know every day watching another people personality make an effect on your personality. Like you follow Nicki Minaj on you Instagram her personality will be the effect on your unique personality. So its harmful for you.


Watch learning movie 

No one avoids watch movie with friends. But you have to watch learning movie. I mean which movie that gives you knowledge. I will suggest you watch a movie like Hacksaw Ridge. This kind of movie will make you stronger and wiser.

Play indoor games

You have to play indoor games like chess. This kind of indoor game will help you to build your brain strong. Don’t waste your time in social media. Its bring nothing.


Play outdoor games 

Outdoor games will help you to bring a healthy body. Most of the people now sufferings unhealthiness because they don’t play outdoor games. My suggestion is to play both indoor and outdoor games. But not all the time.


Make good habits

Making good habits is very important. You have to make good habits like early to sleep and early to rise. It’s very important. It will make your health strong and mind fresh. Sometimes it prevents to make yourself addicted to social media. Most of the people making their future dark by using social media only.



Make yourself a kind person. You know god love those people who are kind. Forgive people if anyone betrays you. It’s a good habit.

Be creative

A creative person never backs down in life. Every company now searching for a creative person for their company. You will be treated like VIP if you have creative sense. So try to make yourself creative.


Make useful hobbies

You have to make useful hobbies like gardening, ticket collecting etc. In this kind of hobby, you have to chance to make yourself unique.

Ssense the world 

Visit more than 10countriesy if you can. Lifestyle is the very difference in others country. You have to feel their life style and take good habits and ignore the bad. It will develop your personality. Your social dignity will higher if you can do this.

Communication Habits improvement 

Communication with others people is important now. Most of the people never develop their life because they have never try to communicate with peoples. You can improve your communication skill by hang out with difference kind of peoples.


Great sense of humor 

Sense of humor is essential today. People love those people whom have a great sense of humor. Even if you have a great sense of humor girls will love you very much. In every interview, you will be examines by your sense of humor.


You can try also WHEAT Technique to improve your skill or speciality.

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W = Workplace successes

Chosse a workplace where you have a great good feelings to work.


H = High stakes

You have to feel cool on stressful situations.


E = Experience

Increase your skill.


A = Approach

Go ahead with a brave step.


T = Temperament

Keep calm and work with your partners happily.

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Practice Meditation

You have to start yoga or some kind of body and soul meditation improvement class. It help you to fresh your body and mind. You will never back down if you take this class.


Make Identify your passion 

Every person have a passion. You know most of the people never find their passion. But you have to find your passion. It will help to make yourself unique.


A story with elephants is common. I do not know the story true or false, but there is a lot to find in the story. Elephant ears are kinda like big. Elephants can not see their own body due to the ears of the ear behind the eye. As a result, elephants do not know how big his body! If elephants could understand once, he could see this huge, everything will destroy by an elephant.

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The truth is that without the body of an elephant, the capabilities of the brain due to an improved brain are unlimited. Those who can realize that power, they can really turn around.

The general tendency of the human being is to prove himself the best to show first. That’s why competition starts with another. But it will only make you smaller. This behavior is very childlike. It does not appear to be those who have the talent of themselves but can not represent themselves. So do not go to the cheap competition and present yourself in a very simple way. Say the usual conversation. Praise the other person’s good side. All of you will like the general.


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